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The 8th edition of the fully student-led initiative, Wharton Latin American Conference (WHALAC 2018), will take place on March 23rd and 24th 2018 at the Wharton Business School, Philadelphia, featuring in total more than 300 CEOs, government leaders, captains of industry, young professionals and students in an open dialogue about the rising business opportunities in the region and the challenges it faces. Talks will be conducted on economic and business trends, growing inequality, climate change, smart cities, investment, technological disruption, fast-growing FinTech and StartUp scenes in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Under the slogan “From Vision to Action”, our speakers: Secretary General of Organization of American States, Luis Almagro, Senior Analyst for Latin America and the Caribbean of The Economist Intelligence Unit, Anna Szterenfeld, Director of the Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center, Jason Marczak, will talk about their vision on political and business climate in the region, the resignation of the president of Peru, why most countries on the continent are so-called “flawed democracies” and what to expect of the upcoming elections in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.

This year, we are especially proud to have a Women Leadership Panel represented by such prominent individuals as Cristina Junqueira, co-founder of a Brazilian digital bank, Nubank, that is today worth more than $1 billion, Susana Martinez-Restrepo, founder of CoreWoman, an institution that supports women in developing the necessary skills in order to reach their potential, Serial Entrepreneur, TV host of SharkTank Brazil and the most influential woman in Brazil 2004, Cristiana Arcangeli. Together with fellow women — astornomers, CEOs, media personalities — they will discuss how to increase female representation in science, entrepreneurship and senior roles despite gender bias.

Topics to be discussed include “Changing Dynamics in the Airline Industry” introduced by Chief Executive of one of the largest airlines in the region, Avianca, Hernan Rincon, “Energy and Infrastructure”, “Food Retail”, “Impact Investing in Latin America” and many others.

Opening Session at University of Pennsylvania’s Perry World House

With all panels in English, WHALAC 2018 is an immersive experience, available for a large audience, that goes beyond panels and discussions. Our participants are encouraged to take action and create the future they envision through Private Equity and Start-Up Competitions, whose winners will get cash prize $10.000 to invest in their projects focused on Latin America. Multiple master classes, leadership workshops and thematic small group dinners for the participants to network, share their experience and expertise in an informal setting will be held.

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