Compartimos el artículo escrito por Diana Franco socia fundadora, publicado por el Huffington Post donde nos cuenta el impacto que tiene nuestra imagen personal para tener éxito en nuestra vida profesional.



By Diana Franco

Whether you like it or not, research shows that your personal image plays a big role in your success in the professional world.

She entered in the conference room in a rush. She was tired; she’d spent a difficult night working on the presentation. She still felt the stress in her shoulders after working so many hours that week. Yet the excitement of having accomplished so much invaded her. She’d done the best she could. She was about to share the efforts of all her hard work. Sure, her hair was messy and she hadn’t had time to choose the right outfit for the occasion but did that matter? Her content was perfect and all her documents were in the right place. Worrying about how she looked was just vanity, wasn’t it?

Vanity is defined as excessive pride in how you appear. But vanity is not the same as personal image, which refers to an essential part of self-confidence: How do you perceive yourself and how do others perceive you?


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